The story of TAAC told by its president and founder, Romain Brasseau.

TAAC is a non-profit organisation of general public interest.

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In dark times, the question arises: What is my life mission? In fact, what would I be willing to risk my life for?

Answer: the fight to achieve respect for all our fellow living beings. I am therefore inspired by Dr Albert Schweitzer, whom I discover through his book, Reverence for Life: “Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace”.

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A question is bothering me: how can I give a new dimension to the animal ‘cause’ in order to reach new and wider audiences? Inspiration: linking human causes with animal causes, adopting a unifying approach, revealing beauty.

A collective work makes an impression on me, “If lions could speak: an essay on the animal condition”.

I submit the statutes of the TAAC association, awaiting the alignment of the stars.

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In looking for a sponsor for TAAC, a name comes to mind: Tippi, “the little girl who talks to animals” in Africa. While trying to contact her, I met her mother, Sylvie Robert. We share the same vision: to guide humans to change their perspective on animals and nature.

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I meet Patricia Arnoux, who works in animal mediation at Strasbourg prison.

We find her animal mediation initiative in prisons remarkable, as is her personality.

TAAC decides to help her, first of all in financing her second mediating dog. Patricia christens him EVI. She creates her organisation, EVI’DENCE.

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TAAC wishes to help Patricia to sustain and develop her project. Almost three years of effort are needed to help transform Patricia’s initiative into a professional training program.

With the support of the key figures from the Strasbourg prison and the Regional Penitentiary Directorate, the programme is officially recognised, and obtained 2nd Prize in the Justice Initiatives 2011 awards, organised by the Ministry of Justice.

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My soul mate, Valerie, with whom I had shared my life for 24 years, passed away. She dedicated her life to abandoned and abused animals, as well as to isolated, vulnerable and ill people.

These testing times lead me on me on an initiatory path. Inner peace finds its way to becoming gratitude. I have to refocus my energy on my professional life and put the organisation to bed.

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Driven by the desire to act upon my spiritual heritage, I resurrect TAAC with a project: to organise a major event aiming to lead humans to have a new perspective on animals, featuring the animal communication that I discovered, first via Laila Del Monte and then explored further with Anna Breytenbach.

The “Animal Concert” project is taking shape.

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During an animal communication internship with Corinne Dupeyrat, I receive information from one of my cats. I am amazed by this, as well as by the results I observe on my other non-human companions following Corinne’s communications with them. The universe that I perceive beyond the visible provokes the second mental turning point of my life, a new vision of the world.

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We have something precious to share. We decide to create a big event dedicated to inter-species communication,Dialogues with the Animals. A nod to the book, “Dialogues with the Angels”.

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The meeting with Bénédicte Fumey allows this ambitious and original project to take shape and become a reality. Thanks to this meeting, we will also explore interspecies communication by integrating living beings in all their forms, animal, and vegetal. 

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Marie Le Chevallier joins the team. Just one month before the event, she helps us to include images, sound, and music that play a key role in the event and in our vision of spreading interspecies communication.

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The “Dialogues with the Animal” event on the 6th and 7th October is a success thanks to the people and animals who participated with their minds and spirits.

From now on, our goal is to make intuitive interspecies communication known to as many people as possible. The means: INTUITEURS SANS FRONTIERS, the first ecosystem, and channel of interspecies communication. Off we go again for a year of preparation!

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TAAC gives birth to ‘INTUITEURS SANS FRONTIÈRES’, our development project for 2020 -2030.




To bring into the light the wonderful alliance of humans and animals.



To lead humankind to have a new perspective of respect and gratitude for our fellow living beings.


The universal

To highlight beauty, to join the viewpoints of all horizons and cultures, to explore the solutions of the future.


The meerkats in our logo symbolise the three humanising powers of the animal.

Animals pacify relationships

Animals relieve isolation

Animals awaken our consciences


Animals pacify relationships.

In prisons, where tensions are high and violence is always on the rise, the presence of animals has proved its worth. Animals pacifiy relationships between inmates as well as between inmates and prison staff. Animals distract from tension, become a topic of shared conversation and bring warmth to dehumanised places.

Allowing first-time offenders or newcomers to access the benefits of animal presence and mediation as soon as they are incarcerated, makes it easier to prevent inmates from being recruited into harmful groups.

This is why TAAC has chosen to support the project of presence and of animal mediation in prison settings, initiated by Patricia Arnoux, founder of the organisation EVI’DENCE.

Animals soothe and calm

Animals are able to console, care for and sometimes heal the following individuals: autistic children, anorexic teenagers, people with disabilities, people suffering from depression, elderly people locked in solitude or placed in specialized institutions, battered women leaving the home with their children…

Especially in prisons, inmates, who could not be dragged away from withdrawal and depression, were able to regain balance thanks to animals, thus helping the inmates to rebuild themselves. Because taking care of an animal means becoming responsible. And restoring an offender’s sense of individual responsibility and usefulness is the sine qua non for his or her sustainable reintegration. When animals bring freedom to humans.

Animals broaden our consciousness.

Being indifferent to animal suffering in childhood prepares you to be indifferent to suffering in your adult life. Animals are not only used to comfort children, they also help form children’s ability to feel compassion for others and prepare them for life in society. This observation paves the way to pedagogical approaches and early childhood programmes to help children develop their emotional and relational potential, their empathy, their sense of responsibility and animal ethics.

But the animal takes us further. Some humans have released their ability to perceive animals’ emotions and thoughts and they report messages to us: animals hold views on us. Interspecies communication disrupts our vision and relationship to all living things around us.



‘INTUITEURS SANS FRONTIÈRES’ develops pioneering projects and programmes in partnership with those interested in intuitive interspecies communication and what it can bring to humans and their future with other living beings.


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