This book includes the contributions of all the speakers at the “Dialogues with the Animal” event that took place on October 6 and 7, 2018 at the ‘Maison de la Radio’.

The content has been enriched with personal testimonies to widen the scope of humans’ connection with animals, plants and nature in general.


Scientists, ethologists, philosophers, teachers, lawyers, journalists and intuitive communicators were gathered to participate in this first major event dedicated to interspecies communication. Their experiences and work constitute a considerable step forward in the understanding of consciousness and the subtle interconnection within nature. We are all connected: humans, animals and plants.

The prospects offered by the exploration of animal consciousness and intuitive interspecies communication are immense. The 23 testimonies gathered in this book are a source of reflection and often wonder. Each reader will be able to find a resonance with his or her own life, his or her vision of the world, and his or her affinities.

By allowing us to explore this subtle and universal form of communication between consciousness, animals invite us to take a new look of respect and gratitude at all forms of living things and to regain our rightful place as a human species at their side. To better coexist together.


“…the current vocabulary is not yet refined enough to convey the order of the invisible, the inaudible or a future not yet born. The future is created by the words of the future…”


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